Canada, In the Shadow of a Gunman

The 14th Floor

The Attack

I sat down on Wednesday morning in my office shortly after 9 pm to plot out, ironically, how I was going to leave Canada. Academics can be a cruel game when it comes to deciding where one is going to live, and as a young intellectual in search of a job, I was staring out at words like Lingnan University, Gettysburg College, Fordham University…all places outside my home country.

And then it started. A flash across my twitter feed, headlines across the CBC…a solider gunned down at the War Memorial, shots fired in the Center Block of Parliament… immediately, images of military forces fanning out across Ottawa flooded my computer screen. There were reports that one gunman had been killed in Center Block, but that others were still on the loose. Maybe they were on the roof of a building? Maybe in the dense woodland area off the…

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