Mr. Hockey’s Final Shift?

If you asked me who I thought was the greatest hockey player of all time, I’d say, without even a second thought, Gordie Howe. Mr. Hockey had it all, size, speed, strength, smarts and more importantly that desire to win. It’s hard to believe that we will live in a world without one of the game’s greatest legends and ambassadors.

The 86 year old suffered a stroke over the weekend and fears maybe that the hockey great, as son Murray said, “I feel like this is his final lap around the rink.”

It’s hard to imagine Howe, whose daughter Cathy mentioned in an interview yesterday, that her father lost the use of his right arm and leg, can be weak. This was the same man who endured years in the punishing Original Six days of the NHL. The same man who played all 80 games, at the age of 51…

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